Friday, April 16, 2010

The past 2 days

Doing a bit of catch up on the blog. My wife and I rode a little Wednesday A.M. before I had to go to work. Our child was at playschool so that gave us some time to ourselves. We put in about 8 miles.

Yesterday we went on a family ride down the greenway, about 12 miles total. It was another cloudless warm day here. 1 1/2 miles into the ride while crossing a set of railroad tracks our son's trail-a-bike came unhitched from my bike, leading to a crash on the tracks. Much panic ensued. He had a scraped arm, but was otherwise ok except for the mental trauma. While hooking up the trail-a-bike I did not slide the hitch in far enough, and the locking pin did not connect. I guess I was still bleary from working the late shift Wednesday night, but you can bet I will always double check that hitch from now on.

Later on into the ride my wife and I got separated and did not meet up again until we got home. Overall it was a kind of frustrating afternoon, or at least as much as it can get while you're enjoying a ride on a nice spring day.

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