Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crosstown Traffic

After getting out of work and making the 40 minute drive home, I was able to bike over to the in-laws for dinner Only 5.5 miles each way, but it was very enjoyable, especially the return trip. Cycling at night is one of my favorite activities. My route passes a small hospital, a cemetery, and catches a corner of the college campus before heading out a major "pike", Tennessee's term for a larger roadway. Many of the pikes around here have wide shoulders for your cycling pleasure. They do get their share of debris, but I'm equipped with Armadillo tires, to lessen the flat potential.

Most drivers around here give cyclists a good berth, but you have to be forthright (without being stupid) and take the lane when necessary. No driver could use the excuse that they didn't see me at night; I'm lit up like a Christmas tree.

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