Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cool Morning

I realize as I write this that these blogs are more of a journal for recording of ride mileage and conditions. Oh well. If anyone finds this the least bit interesting, it would be surprising to me.

I did 10 quick miles this morning before I had to go in for work. There were quite a few joggers and runners on the greenway, I know some of them are in their taper down phase for the Nashville marathon and half. I always give pedestrians a wide berth, but it can be irritating when people walk/jog 3 abreast and take up the whole path. Our greenway regulations explicitly state that no more that 1/2 the path should be occupied by one group of people or bikes. I actually had a group thank me for shouting "on your left" as I approached from behind. Did they think I would just run them down? I'm not a barbarian.

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