Thursday, April 22, 2010

Leisure time thoughts

The previous picture was taken at the Stone's River National Battlefield, which is on a short extension of our greenway. A detailed account of the battle is here. There are historic markers related to this battle all along the length of the Murfreesboro Greenway.

Our family went for a ride last evening down The Chason Lane extension. Our son had to, as is customary, stop at the playground near the terminus. This area is usually pretty calm, but there was a kid's birthday party happening and the kids were going nuts.

There seems to be a mini fitness boom overtaking Murfreesboro. We see increasing numbers of people walking, jogging, biking on "our" greenway. If this disturbing trend continues you'll hardly be able to maintain 10 mph for the length of the path. Dang it. Why can't folks just stay at home and use their Wii Fits and frag on their Playstations? If folks really want to get radical, they can auction off their electronic devices and buy bikes to ride downtown. I'll be the first to give them safe riding classes.

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