Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steamy 'Boro

What a hot summer. Global warming is here to stay, for 2012 we'll have highs in the 130's.

I've obviously spent much time riding, vacationing, working etc and not posting. Regular jaunts with my son on his sidewalk bike have been fun.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring has Sprang

Beautiful here in the 'Boro which is my excuse for not posting. I've been working on a little project in the back yard which has meant much heavy lifting and minimal recreational cycling (and utility cycling, cannot fit many stone pavers in the bike basket without incurring embolism).

However, it is now time to let the LBS work their tune up magic on the Bike with Attitude (Lemond) and enjoy the season.

Happy cycling, fellow cyclers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been remiss in posting the last month. No excuse, except for life. I got a nice Wald double basket for Christmas, which I have put to good use for grocery runs. It will also hold 8 six packs of beer, for which I am grateful. :)

We took a little time off last week and traveled to Beech Mountain, North Carolina to do some skiing. It was our 4 year old's first time and he skied like a champ after the first day of getting familiar with the equipment. I had no leg soreness at all, which I attribute to my time on the bike.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Create your own microclimate!

Since purchasing a cheap waterproof cycling jacket several years ago, its uses have been limited. On a rainy day with the temps above 45, it is oppressively hot and rain-forest-like. However today was perfect for its use. Wearing a wicking t shirt, stretchy long pants, a warm cap and gloves, today's weather (dry, breezy, mid to high 30's) suited the jacket fine. No sweaty arms, which is usually the first sign of discomfort.
I'll definitely use the jacket more in the future, weather permitting.

The creek and river which run along our greenway were full from the rain we got yesterday. Water was over the path at several points but I didn't have to turn back until I was about 1/2 way to Cason Lane. The water appeared deep but crossable until I got in the middle of it, at which point crossing seemed a bad idea. Turning around, I had to put my foot down into frigid water. Luckily I only had about 4 miles to ride home.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New addition/sobering stats

For my 4 year old son's birthday, he got a 16" Novara Stinger bike. His first 2 wheeler (actual 4 including the training wheels). He was frightened at first sitting so high in the saddle compared to his Radio Flyer trike, but he's getting used to it quickly. Just yesterday he learned the joy of getting up to speed and slamming on the coaster brake, leaving a skid mark on the sidewalk. Our son is hardly a hellion but seems to enjoy this bit of wildness.

3 pedestrian deaths in Murfreesboro since August. We are a relatively small community, this number is unacceptable.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm still simmering over the report yesterday concerning Martin Joel Erzinger running down a cyclist, then getting his charge reduced to a misdemeanor because a felony charge conviction would have "pretty serious job implications". Well, duh.

ANY of us would be afraid of losing our job if convicted of a felony and I don't see how the _quantity_ of dollars in someone's paycheck should affect a D.A.'s decision. Could I pay restitution if I lost my job? No. So I guess I have a pretty strong case against having to go to jail for any serious crime I commit against another individual, if I use D.A. Mark Hurlbert's logic.

Dr. Steven Milo, our thoughts and best wishes are with you. I hope this tragedy can somehow make obvious the deficiencies we have in prosecuting crimes in which automobile drivers strike cyclists and pedestrians. An auto is a lethal weapon, and crimes committed with cars should carry the same penalties as crimes committed with guns.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I went out for a ride yesterday on the mountain bike. The temp was in the middle 50's with a steady rain. I was dressed appropriately, I thought, with wicking shorts, shirt, windbreaker and sandals. It was pretty chilly, though. I remember bike commuting several years ago in similar conditions and with similar clothing, and not feeling as chilled. Guess I'm getting old. Time to buy those waterproof socks and maybe wear the waterproof jacket, as stifling as that is.