Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Stuff

Birthday items: Salmon Koolstop brake pads, Road ID with updated address, new red gloves to replace shredded yellow ones, nifty cotton cycling cap with "World Champion" striping and was treated to homemade fish tacos followed by homemade key lime cheesecake. Nice!

I've also added an adjustable stem to the bike so I can ride it into my old age, raising the bar as necessary. :)

Yesterday I was almost run down by a lady in an automobile who ignored a yield sign in our town square. I memorized the tag number and went to report the incident at our local police station. Results we less than satisfying but at least they noted her tag number but cannot make a case without witnesses.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Bike. Less Couch.

Just wanted to say it.

Riding to the in-laws to cut their grass I passed a young couple apparently walking to the laundromat. The lady was at least 100 pounds overweight. As I passed she shouted "oh, _that's_ not dangerous!". As if riding on the road obeying traffic laws were a death defying feat. I guess she does not consider heart disease and diabetes dangerous.

New "skinwall" 700c x 28 Panaracers on the bike:

I liked the reflective sidewall of the old Armadillos but with 4500 miles on them, they had to go. Installing the Pasela tourguard tires was my first experience with folding tire installation. I am not a fan of the install process. My thumbs are still sore.

I am quite proud that I ride the bike more than I drive the Miata. I would like to eventually convert it to electric.