Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm still simmering over the report yesterday concerning Martin Joel Erzinger running down a cyclist, then getting his charge reduced to a misdemeanor because a felony charge conviction would have "pretty serious job implications". Well, duh.

ANY of us would be afraid of losing our job if convicted of a felony and I don't see how the _quantity_ of dollars in someone's paycheck should affect a D.A.'s decision. Could I pay restitution if I lost my job? No. So I guess I have a pretty strong case against having to go to jail for any serious crime I commit against another individual, if I use D.A. Mark Hurlbert's logic.

Dr. Steven Milo, our thoughts and best wishes are with you. I hope this tragedy can somehow make obvious the deficiencies we have in prosecuting crimes in which automobile drivers strike cyclists and pedestrians. An auto is a lethal weapon, and crimes committed with cars should carry the same penalties as crimes committed with guns.

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